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The New Wedding Cake Guide is HERE!!!

Check out the guide below to see my newest pride and joy AND to check out flavors, photos, pricing, and more!!!

Outdoor Wedding Altar

Welcome to the Wedding Epicenter

You're likely on this page because you're interested in learning more about weddings cakes, flavors, prices, set-up, and all the other fun stuff involved with weddings.  Here, you'll find more than just cake information.  As I have years of experience with planning and running weddings, I've included wedding cake information for all bridal parties and their loved ones, including tips and tricks!  

Scroll down to see more, or click on a link below to see it faster!


Cake Flavors

When it comes to picking the perfect cake flavors and combinations, it can be a headache trying to please everyone.  Ideally, the couple should decide what they like FIRST, and then find ways to ensure that their guests will be happy as well.

TIP: Another way to keep costs low is to have a smaller tiered cake at the reception, to be seen by all and to be photographed, and to also have a sheet cake in the back for your guests.  They will NOT care how the slice of cake looks- they just want cake!

Current Wedding Cake Options:

Traditional Wedding Cake/Almond



Orange Dream

Red Velvet


Roasted Banana


Bourbon Chocolate


Rum Cake


Don't see a flavor that you love? 


Please inquire about different flavors, fillings, etc. and be sure to please let me know what you'd like to see on a future wedding menu.

What wedding cake flavor(s) would you love to see in the future?

Thank you kindly for your input on future flavors!

Wedding Cake Samples


Who doesn't love a cake sampler?


It's the perfect way to try multiple cakes in one sitting and to mix and match flavors to find out what you and your partner like!

There are two sizes available, and both options come with your choice of cake flavors, served as single layer 4" mini cakes.  There are options to add fillings, and both FEL's signature vanilla and chocolate ganache buttercreams are included as well.  The basic sampler comes with two cake flavors, and the premium comes with five.

Wedding samplers can be customized and ordered directly online for pick-up or delivery.


To order your sample today, click:


Who knew that weddings cost money?  You're in luck!  Due to the baker's previous experience working directly in wedding coordinating, you will find that cake orders for your Big Day cost the SAME as non-wedding cake orders.  6" tiers start at $45, ranging all the way up to 14" tiers costing $145.  The final cost will come down to flavors, sizes, decorations, etc., as well as delivery distance.  Currently, there are no setup fees.  


TIP: I do NOT recommend wedding cakes to be picked!  It is quite obvious when wedding cakes are not set up be a professional who has years of experience, and the cake will be a hugepart of your wedding photos!

Please click the button to be directed to the pricing and serving size guide AND be check out the wedding gallery below!

Wedding Gallery

The Peaks of Otter Lodge (Bedford, VA)
The Black Pelican (Kitty Hawk, NC)
Red August Farm (Waynesboro, VA)
The Southern Granary (Altavista, VA)
Thatch Winery (Charlottesville, VA)
Thatch Winery (Charlottesville, VA)
The Farmington Clubhouse (Forest, VA)
The Virginian Hotel (Lynchburg, VA)
Boonsboro Country Club (Lynchburg, VA)
Oakwood Country Club (Lynchburg, VA)
Lynchburg, VA
The Stanley Theater (Utica, NY)
Oakwood Country Club (Lynchburg, VA)
Oakwood Country Club (Lynchburg, VA)

Wedding FAQ's

  • What is the recommended procedure for wedding cakes?

    1. Communicate with your partner!  Discuss your favorite flavors, what flavors are a "no go," cake design, and what is most important to you BOTH before compromising, if needed.

    2. Find out the following (to share with your cake baker):

      • Any food allergies for wedding guests

      • Estimated guest size

      • Venue basics

        1. Is it an indoor or outdoor reception area?

        2. Will the location for the cake stay under 70 degrees and/or have exposure to sun?

        3. How much time will the venue allow for setting up the cake, and what is the earliest time allowed to arrive for cake set up?

        4. Date, time, and exact location of reception AND ceremony

    3. Check out the sampler options available for purchase online.  Don't rush enjoying your sampler and marinade in the flavors for a little bit before making any final decisions.  Reach out for any clarifications or questions as your convenience. 

    4. After you've enjoyed your sampler, we'll reconnect and I will quote you a formal estimate based on your requests.  If you don't want to wait for a sampler or don't need one, a quote can be provided at any time.

    5. The quote will then be emailed and will need to be approved by the couple.  Once approved, it will be converted to an invoice, and the deposit, equal to 50% of the order is due immediately.  

  • What is money due (for weddings)?

    • The deposit, equal to 50% of the total, is due as soon as the invoice has been sent​.

    • The balance is due thirty days before the wedding date.

  • What is your refund policy?

    • Your entire payment is fully refundable up until 30 days before the wedding date​.

  • Do you charge for wedding cake consulting, cake samples, delivery, and/or set-up?

    • There is NO charge for cake consulting or set up​

    • Cake samples can be purchased online this website.

    • Delivery is available for a fee, equivalent to $15/hour for travel to and from venue.

  • Do you provide cake stands?

    • There are a variety of cake stands available for use, with a deposit of $25, refundable immediately upon return and inspection of borrowed cake stand.  ​

Stunning Venues

Wonderful Vendors

Throughout the years of both running and planning other weddings, as well as my own, and now with my cake business, I have worked with some amazing vendors who can help with fun aspects of your wedding, some of which you may have never even considered.  The vendors below are highly recommended as I have either worked with them, or I have collaborated with them in some way or another. 


Please use this as a cheat sheet for your own wedding!

Wedding Coordinator & Designer

Hire a wedding coordinator to help make your vision for your dream wedding become a reality.  These incredible companies knock it out of the park every time!


While every couple's budget and priorities are different, here are a few options for fresh flowers and even faux ones.

Photography & Videography

  • Stone Blue Productions (434-420-2583)

  • Lindsey Hinkley (

  • The Mullins Photo Co (434-374-7357)

  • Brown Bowtie Videography (434-381-0415)

  • Sam Stroud Photography (434-209-5366)

  • Amative Creative (

Music & DJ's

  • Obehi the DJ (434-253-5751)

  • Tanner Odle (musician with many connections!) (549-860-6916)

  • Apple Butter Soul (band) (434-610-4941)

  • Flat Five Jazz (210-748-4838)

Attire (for her)

  • Celebration Bridal (434-237-5557) 120 Simons Run, F, Lynchburg

  • Ashley Grace Bridal (434-534-3490) 16955 Forest Road, Suite F, Forest

  • Church Street Bridal (434-847-7751) 626 Church Street, Lynchburg

Attire (for him)

  • Men's Warehouse (434-239-2674)         3405 Candler's Mtn. Road, Lynchburg

  • Celebration Bridal (434-237-5557)           120 Simons Run, F, Lynchburg

  • JC Penney (434-237-4741)                          3409 Candler's Mtn. Road, Lynchburg

Local Acommodations

  • The Virginian Hotel (434-229-3200) 

  • Craddock Terry Hotel (434-455-1500)

  • Acorn Hill Lodge (434) 528-0983

  • Tru by Hilton (434-772-1610)

  • Residence Inn by Marriott (434-616-4000)

Makeup & Hair

  • Makeup by Ashley (626-627-6266)

  • In Your Face Makeup Artist (434-944-3324)

  • Studio Style & Spa (434-525-4806)

  • Locks & Lashes (434-219-6714)

  • Pavia Salon (434-439-2743)

The Little Extras...

  • (Dress Alterations) Amanda's Alterations (434-239-7396)

  • (Dance Lessons) Virginia Dance Studio (434-525-9410) and Red Shoes Dance Academy (434-277-1930)

  • (Photo Booth) Grinnin Booth (434-851-1190) and Sanders Family Photo (832-360-0068)

  • (Vintage Rentals) Happily Ever After (434-941-7217)

  • (Signage/Calligraphy) Painted Faith Co. (253-266-9621) and Scripted (434-234-4525)

  • (Transportation) Emerald Limousine Service (434-221-6223)

  • (Uplighting) Castle Event Lighting (434-525-6894)

Music Options

Here are two playlists that I have personally used and had rave reviews from everyone as both appeal to all ages:

Cake Flavors

Final Recommendations

Final Thoughts

My own wedding day

April 2022

1) Don't forget that it is about the TWO OF YOU!  While everyone will have opinions, try to find a balance between what you want and what would make your guests happy.

2) Though more on a personal level, I highly recommend pre-marital counseling.  Many couples may be unwilling to do this because they simply aren't willing to share and really open up.  You will both learn so much about yourself and your partner!  The fact is that we don't know what the future holds, but taking this opportunity to "put it all out there" will highly increase your chances for a long and happy marriage.  If you're being honest with yourself, it's better to have these conversations before getting married to learn how to communicate, compromise, and so much more!

3) Your Big Day will fly by so quickly.  Try to take a few minutes after your ceremony and before photos to spend with your partner as you are now married!

If you have any questions, please do NOT hesitate to reach out!  

{434} 485-4957


~Elyssa Bell

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