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Pricing Options

All cakes are two layered, with each layer split in half to create four total layers for a higher cake-to-frosting ratio.  If you would prefer less frosting or even higher cake layers, let me know and I will make it happen!

Below, you will also find a few cake serving charts and guides to help you visualize your cake needs so that you can be sure you provide enough cake for your special event!

***As of January 10th, 2023, prices have increased for the first time since launching the business two years ago***

6" Round Cake

(serves 8-10)

Starts at $40


$5 - $15 added, depending on filling and cake size

Mini Cupcakes

$20/2 dozen

*2 dozen cupcakes min.

8" Round Cake

(serves 12-18)

Starts at $45

Specialty Cake Flavors

$10 - $20 added to cover specialty ingredients



Add $0.25/cupcake to add delicious fillings

*1 dozen cupcakes min.

10" Round Cake

(serves 20-26)

Starts at $60

Fondant Décor

$5 - $50+

depends entirely on amount of time needed to color and shape décor

Jumbo Cupcakes


Add $.50/cupcake to add delicious fillings

*6 cupcakes min.

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