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Frequently Asked Questions

How much notice do you need to place an order?

I would prefer at least a one-week notice to ensure I have the availability, time, ingredients, etc.  That being said, I have taken orders due the same day and I have yet to charge for a last-minute order.

What's the best way to place an order?

Click on the link below to directly order online.  It automatically requires a 48 hour notice, so please contact me at 434-485-4957 if you need your order sooner.  If you would prefer a customized order not found on the online ordering, please fill out a customized request form at the link below and I will have a quote for you within 24 hours!

What flavors do you offer?

Be sure to check out the Cake Options by clicking the button below.  Current FEL client favorites are chocolate,  yellow, marble, red velvet, and lemon!

Do you offer vegan, dairy-free, keto, and nut-free options?

YES!!!  My chocolate dairy-free cake recipe was so good and well received that it became one of my go-to chocolate cake recipes!  I can accommodate most allergies, though my kitchen is not set up for clients will Celiac, I do apologize.

How much cake or cupcakes should I order?

It can be very tricky to figure out exactly how much cake to provide for any function.  We all know that some guests won't eat cake, some guests won't show up, and then there's some who will indulge on more than one slice or cupcake.  I would highly recommend to use the graphs found at the bottom of the page at the button below.  These will help you visualize how many servings you will need, as well as different ways to cut the cake to extend the servings!  

TIP: Offering cupcakes in addition to a cake will save you the most money AND you can offer a second flavor for no additional "flavor" charge!

What are you prices?

Prices start at $22/dozen unfilled cupcakes and $40 for 6" round cakes.  I do offer smaller 4" cakes that will be priced based on design.  Click the link to get more detail:

What forms of payment to do you accept?

If you place an online order, there will be options to pay with a credit card or PayPal. 

If you receive an invoice for a customized order, there will also be links to pay via credit card or PayPal.  ONLY if you place a customized order will you have the option to request a link to pay with the Cash App or Venmo.

When is payment due?

Payment is due one week before the order is due.  See Weddings for special instructions.

Do you deliver (and do you charge a fee) or offer pick-up?

I offer FREE delivery if within 10 minutes of Timberlake/460 intersection.  If you are further, I do charge a delivery fee based on time rather than gas at $15/hour.  If it's a 15-minute drive to and from your location, it would be $8, for example.  Pick up is available, depending entirely on the day and time requested.  Many clients prefer a public meet-up location, and the following locations are ideal (AND MEET UP IS FREE):

  • Walmart Express (Timberlake Road)

  • Target (Wards Road)

  • Sheetz (460/New London)

  • Sheetz (Lakeside Drive)

  • Walmart Express (Forest Road/nearest Wyndhurst)

I received a quote for my customized order.  Why is the due date earlier than when I need the order?

I schedule most quotes to be due two weeks prior to the due date.  This is to ensure enough time for the order to be scheduled and planned in advance.

Do you offer cake tastings?

Yes!  If you click the button below, it'll take you to the wedding sampler section to purchase online.  These are my most popular flavor combinations and each sampler has already been paired with unique buttercreams and fillings so you don't need to stress about what goes with what.  These flavors will be adjusted every three months to try new flavors and combinations.  

Most couples pick up the sampler, which has been kept frozen to maintain freshness and flavor.  Couples can then sample each cake on their own, when it's convenient for them, and many couples have also included their loved ones in the samplers since they're honestly so large!  I love trying new flavors, so please share your ideas and suggestions, and I may be including your invention in the next batch of wedding samplers!

If you want to try another flavor, you will need to order at least one dozen cupcakes (or mini cupcakes) if I do not currently have your flavors on my schedule to bake.  Please contact me for more information!

Is my payment refundable?

Orders become non-refundable if cancelled within seven days of your order's due date.  As I am a small business, I order ingredients early, sometimes weeks in advance, depending on item and availability.  I fully understand that events get cancelled, people get sick, etc.  I will do my best to accommodate special circumstances, but if an order is cancelled within a week, there will be a credit available to you to use in the future.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to call or text me at 434-485-4957!

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