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In case you hadn't heard, this is my new subsidiary company to my original "Frost Eat Love," but with more focus on providing healing foods.

Over the last few months, my passions have changed slightly, and I’ve started researching natural health and how to really fuel our bodies the way they’re supposed to be fed. While fast food, fads, and processed food options continue to grow, it’s hard to find the time to make clean, wholesome treats. I myself also want to be a better role model for my own son as he’s beginning to navigate his teenage years. The consequences of poor health stretch too far and I refuse to depend on pharmaceuticals as I get older. May as well fuel our bodies and move them while we
don’t have too many aches yet, right?

There is an extensive menu that I’ve created in the back of my mind, but as I do not want to possibly overwhelm myself, I’m starting this journey with the goal of helping new moms and those on the go!

Introducing energy bites and lactation cookies, bars, and brownies!!! All are made with clean, wholesome ingredients that will help provide the nutrients your
body is craving as you navigate motherhood. These are all fenugreek-free too for those mommas who may have a sensitivity.  Even if you are not breastfeeding, there's NO JUDGEMENT here; however, you must check out the energy bites!

With flavors like blueberry-lemon, white chocolate-cranberry, and monster cookies, everybody is bound to enjoy these treats! Although the lactation goodies contain ingredients known to help increase milk supply, they are still delicious for anyone, if you decide to share. You can even ask my co-workers and family (some of whom did not realize they were considered “lactation”- specific). I plan to add more
flavors and offer other treats (healthy bars for kids?) in time.

Treats are offered in single portions, by the dozen, or as a one month's supply. Moms won't have to worry about pick-up because delivery is an available option for a small fee.  Public meet-up is also available for no charge.


I look forward to helping all the new mommas!!!

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